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Best Tailor in Delhi is about picking the perfect clothes, there are 3 perspectives that assume an imperative job Fit, solace, and style. While most cutout styles neglect to accomplish one of the above mentioned, Raymond suits made-to-measure invention is curate to give you the ideal result, custom-made to your particular style trends.

Here is everything a Raymond Suit clothes involves:


Sourced from the best Indian fabrics we have premium textures like Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland and Sherry, and Scabal. Accessible in cotton, material, and poly-mixes the textures have diverse sorts of complete – wrinkle-safe, extend, and brushed-cotton. You can look over more than 2000 textures accessible in different prints, patterns, and invention.

Prints and Patterns

We have a wide range of paisleys, checks, stripes, solids, florals, and self-patterns for different occasions. Paisleys, florals, and self-patterns work well for casual occasions while checks, stripes, and solids solve your formal and business casual needs. Best Tailor in Dwarka Jacquard, dobby, herringbone, houndstooth and more serve the dual purpose of both formal and casual occasions.

mens suits


Gents Tailor suits speak of professionalism and sophistication, they are a very important part of your outfit for various special and significant occasions and events. You need a freshly ironed and well-fitted suit when you have to leave a statement about your punctuality and professionalism in an office meeting or a client’s interaction. You also need a festive suit to mark your delightful presence in a family function to celebrate the happiness with your loved ones. Suit is a very important outfit of your wardrobe that has to be perfectly stitched and maintained for such occasions. .

In the era of hectic lifestyles, people today are opting for readymade, off the hanger suits. But trust on it, these also look like they are on a hanger when worn, because they lack that bespoke fitting unlike Gents tailor suits. Made with standardized measurements, these readymade suits do not take in your body contours, the slant of the shoulders, the fitting of the chest, arm bulges and so on.

Expert Gents Tailor for Professionalism


In contrast, bespoke tailored suits or customized gents tailor suits gives you exact fitting, which enhances your personality beyond words. Styles and cuts that suit your body type and tastes are made to order with perfection. Such custom made suits can be made only by professional tailors who are well versed with the art of bespoke tailoring.

In the modern times, you can easily get custom made suits and also take the services of such professional tailors right from the comfort of your home by visiting online website Raymondsuits especially if you are looking for best gents tailor near me

For getting custom suits online, Raymondsuits is the perfect place to go for varieties of gents tailor suits. We have several years of experience of stitching and delivering suits for different occasions. Armed with an eye for suitable fabric, design, style and preference of customers, we offer the best custom suits online. When you need a party wear or office suit made on demand, you can make a request online at Raymondsuits. Our staff will reach your place on time with latest and traditional designs and selection to choose from. If you want your suit to be tailored as per your own design or a style that you fancy, you can give the instruction and get it made just as you want.

Taking your measurements on spot at your home, we get your party wear or office suit delivered right at your door step.

We are different and unique not only because we focus on the stitching but also the quality of fabric. The range of fabrics available with us is wide and handpicked from the best resources ensuring the maximum quality of thread and manufacturing. This makes our end-products stand out in the market with the best quality fabric, custom fit and latest designs. You can also visit us online if you are looking for customized suits or Best gents tailor near me for your family members for an upcoming family event.