Best Tailor in Gurgaon

Best Tailor in Gurgaon


Best tailor in Gurgaon think you might be confuse while choosing the men’s clothing. While most people know what Ready-to-Wear clothing means, they often use the terms Made-to-Measure and Bespoke conversely…which is similar comparing a Hyundai with a Ford.

We have all the answer of these questions immediately clear what these terms mean – and how they contrast from each other. Understanding the difference can assist you in making the correct decision – and furthermore spare a great deal of cash!

  1. Ready-to-Wear (RTW) clothes are the things that you buy directly from the store. It’s a pre-made, mass-market item of clothing that is ready to wear after buying. It’s the simplest, most advantageous and furthermore most famous method for purchasing garments. Raymond Suits soffer a great collection of Ready-to-Wear clothes, you can try.
  2. Made-to-Measure (MTM) dressing accompanies customization choices, for example, those given by an ordinary tailor. It begins with your choosing a design you like, getting yourself measured, and getting the design changed and custom fitted to your measured size. Best Gents tailors individuals who need to tweak their style, appearance and comfort that Ready-to-Wear can’t offer. You can visit our store to see our collections.
  3. Bespoke apparel is only handmade for you sans preparation, depend on your lifestyle, body structure, and different subtleties – and not by changing a current design or example to your measurements (similar as Made-to-Measure garments). It requires no less than thrice the attempt rather than garments. Also, it takes no less than 3 Master Craftsmen 50 hours or more to the arrangement, make and finish your bespoke piece of clothing to demanding hand-made patterns.

We are the Best tailor in Gurgaon and we offer all types of these collections depending on your wearing requirements.

The best men’s tailor is showcasing their elegant waistcoats for men fo rall purposes. Waistcoat is sported as the third piece in the traditional three-piece male suit. The cloth used for the waistcoat matches the jacket and trousers. A traditional male suit has evolved and got updated with so many different styles of look and designs. They are trendy for all kinds of traditional events and occasions. A waistcoat ranges from traditional outfit which can be used for day wear or evening wear to sports-wear

In the modern times, people are opting for readymade, off the hanger suits. While Tailored suits give you exact fitting which enhances your personality. The men’s tailor team will make your outfit with standardized measurements which readymade suits do not take in. Our team of wedding tailors is known for stitching the customized suits for men that are loved by our customers. You may make a request to our men’s tailor team of your demand online at Raymondsuits. The style and cuts that suit your body type and tastes are made to order with perfection.

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Raymondsuits is the perfect place for getting the custom suits online. We are one of the best custom men’s tailors in the Delhi-NCR as we focus on the quality on the material of the fabric used. We are the customized tailors near your place and also available on call. You can also contact our men’s tailor for the comfortable and a wide collection of design for your personalized traditional suits.

You can book your appointment online with our wedding tailors and our staff will reach your place with traditional as well as latest designs. You may choose from these selections. Our men’s tailor will take your measurements on the spot at your home and get your waistcoat delivered. We are the most well-known tailors on call in Delhi NCR and are known to finish as well as deliver the best on time.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the suit this week and I love it. It’s been beautifully made and every detail is perfect. Please pass on my appreciation to the tailor and the team that made it. Thank you guys, you are the best. I will recommend you.


Trying my suit on for the first time was a really special moment. How it felt to wear and how it made me feel was amazing. Thank you so much for my wedding suit. Very enjoyable experience. On the big day the suits looked great and we had many positive comments.


This is by far the best suit I ’ve owned, and I’ve owned custom made suits before. The suit from Yaseen’s fit like a glove. So did the shirt I ordered. I recommend booking an appointment to get measured properly and to choose your own fabric. You are the best!