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Made to measure – Retro styles always have a unique quotient of charm about them. They never run out of fashion and are always looked at with fancy and anticipation. The recent time has seen a comeback of so many retro styles from the trend of huge chunky glasses to old Bollywood themed super high pants and trousers. Along with so many fashion trends, it is also Nehru jacket and Jawahar cut kurtas that have made a huge and dashing comeback in the world of fashion. Nehru Kurtas and jackets are swooned over not only in India, in fact it has become a global trend now. People all across the world are attracted by its politically sophisticated cut, made to measure fit and unique charming style.

The outstanding deal about the Jawahar kurtas is that they give a dressy feel without much efforts and look more done up than the regular jackets and kurtas. These very versatile Nehru jackets and Best Jawahar kurtas are available in a wide range at Raymondsuits. Raymondsuits is one of the Best gents tailors in Gurgaon. You can choose from the selection of specially curated designs or you can also order made to measure Jawahar kurtas that are stitched to your own fit.

The versatility of Jawahar kurtas and jackets is unlimited. It’s not only the youngsters who are charmed by them, the sleek cut and style suits men of all ages with made to measure fit. The best Jawahar kurtas and jackets both can be styled and worn in many ways. You can either choose an Indian attire to compliment with a light and simple Jawahar jacket or go for a completely casual look.

The made to measure Jawahar kurtas, from Raymondsuits can be worn at any occasion. Being the best gents tailors in Gurgaon, Raymondsuits ensures that you get the best quality of stitching and service when you order from us

Just like they look every bit ravishing with formal outfits like shirts, trousers and formal shoes, you can have your freedom to experiment with Nehru jacket and Jawahar cut kurtas and also play with denims to match. Jawahar kurtas and jackets are a very hot trend that you can pick from Raymondsuits to compliment your cupboard with a few pieces with made to measure fit and suit your unique personality.

When it comes to accessories, men have few but impactful. Ties are one such influential accessory that need to be handled carefully and instantly enhance the attire to a next level of sophistication. Tie has also traveled a long way from just being an essential accessory for a formal outfit to that asymmetric complimenting piece for a carefree casual goto look. So many variants of the same formal tie have been introduced over the years. While formal tie helps you make an unforgettable impression during formal engagements, you can also go a long way to know and understand tips and tricks of styling a tie in general.

Going a notch higher, it comes to flaunting a bow tie. Going a level more impressing, when you choose to don a bow tie, you choose to make a statement. This classy accessory is not all about only perfection, its appeal lies in a little imperfection. In case of bow ties, the occasion matters more than the styling. You must know where to and where not to wear one. At times, when you are confused about a necktie, bow tie might work well like a day wedding or a brunch or sometimes at work. And we at Raymondsuits, the best tailor in South Delhi are masters at curating and tailoring the perfect neckties and bow ties for your specific occasions and styles. Call us to get a tailor made to measure piece or order from online, our collection of neckties and bow ties will never disappoint you with its wide range of colors, patterns and designs. Being the best tailor in South Delhi, Raymondsuits is the place to go to for all kinds of ties and other accessories for men.

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the suit this week and I love it. It’s been beautifully made and every detail is perfect. Please pass on my appreciation to the tailor and the team that made it. Thank you guys, you are the best. I will recommend you.


Trying my suit on for the first time was a really special moment. How it felt to wear and how it made me feel was amazing. Thank you so much for my wedding suit. Very enjoyable experience. On the big day the suits looked great and we had many positive comments.


This is by far the best suit I ’ve owned, and I’ve owned custom made suits before. The suit from Yaseen’s fit like a glove. So did the shirt I ordered. I recommend booking an appointment to get measured properly and to choose your own fabric. You are the best!