Tailoring Business Career

Traditionally, tailors design and alter men’s clothing. However, some may choose to work on both men’s and women’s clothing. Individuals require a basic understanding of sewing and textiles before becoming professional tailors for stable tailoring business. They might be self-employed or work for department stores, bridal shops or other specialty stores. Standing and bending for long periods of time might be required. Tailors who are self-employed may spend significant time seeking new clients.

Work With Professionals

Even after taking alterations and sewing courses, entry-level tailors should work with professionals before attempting to start their own tailoring business. The BLS reported that many tailors get their start in the industry by apprenticing under experienced tailors. Experienced tailors can provide real-world training that many college programs can’t replicate. Additionally, working with established tailoring companies allows entry-level tailors to learn about industry-specific business operations like managing clothing orders or methods of design by working with fashion designers.

Choose a Business Strategy

After receiving initial training and gaining a few years of experience, tailors often have to choose a business strategy of either working with an established tailoring company or starting a tailoring business. Those who work with established companies tend to focus more on customer care, designing outfits and making alterations. Tailors who start up their own businesses perform all the duties of a regular tailor but they also run their businesses, which includes creating marketing campaigns, finding new clients, hiring additional workers and dealing with budgetary concerns.
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